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How does one begin to market a parking services company? Common advertising means such as billboards, radio etc, just don’t seem to fit. This is where our client asked us to step in and assist, as they needed something fresh and innovative.  

We suggested that we make use of Google Ads. SADM assisted them with the setup and management of their Google ads campaign.

Below is snapshot of our involvement with the Parking Service’s Google Ads campaign..

With some time through weekly reports, we were able to make a few tweaks and were then able to consistently hit their target audience until they reached the point where they were consistently getting positive leads.

We are happy to say that we are still working closely with them today.

Google Ads

Industry: Parking Service

Campaign Length: 31 January 2019 - 28 February 2019

Total Impressions: 17 600*

Total Clicks: 1730**

Average Cost Per Click: R3.10

Total Cost: R5370.00

* Amount of times the clients adverts were displayed in Google Search results.

** Amount of times the clients advert was clicked on, leading the user to the clients website.

Through thorough research and the analysing of competitor adverts, we were able to obtain the maximum amount of clicks with the use of the right keywords. This of course lead towards attracting the right clientele. Although, through the initial setup stages, focus was also given to the negative keywords, an area which is often neglected, in order to eliminate the wrong type of clientele.  

Got any questions about how this process would work with your business? Ask us by clicking here.

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