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Heinrich is a SAIPA qualified accountant who is passionate about start up businesses and have registered many companies over the past ten years. He is not only passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to start their own businesses but also has a strong desire to see small businesses succeed.  

In starting up his own accounting practice, Heinrich quickly learned the importance of having a strong digital marketing team backing his business.

With his passion to assist small businesses, Heinrich, along with his wife Natasha, put together a  team of individuals who do all they can to help small businesses succeed and move towards a place of consistent growth.

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Jason has a background in videography, graphics and digital marketing. He has spent many years following his passion and learning as much as he can throughout the various fields of digital marketing.

Jason’s main focus at SADM is managing our Google Ads campaigns and guiding the individuals searching for your business, to your website. Got a question about Google Ads? He’s the guy to chat to.

Iain, a self declared movie nut, is our creative expert. When we need something of a graphic nature, he’s the guy we talk to.

With over 12 years of experience in the graphics field, we’re confident Iain will be able to assist and meet all your graphics needs.

But when we put Iain and Jason together, we get an amazing video production team. What more could anyone want?

Michele is our guru when it comes to the world of social media. Her knowledge and expertise excell as she assists companies put together a strategic social media campaign.

Michele knows how to find your target audience, before they find you.

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